Our Services

As your full-service fire protection partner serving Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas, Harrison Fire’s trained technicians test, inspect, maintain and repair your fire sprinkler system. With Harrison Fire, you can have complete confidence that your sprinkler system will work properly when needed

Installing a sprinkler system Installing a sprinkler system

Services offered include:

  • New Installation and Design of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems.
  • Service and Inspections of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems as per NFPA Requirements.
  • Consulting for systems in the design developement stage of the project.
  • Retrofit of Existing Fire Protection Systems.
  • Major and Minor Repairs to Fire Protection Systems.
  • Fire Pump Installation, Testing and Start-Up Service and Full Maintenance of both Electric and Diesel Engines including emergency generators.
  • Annual Testing and Inspection Services per NFPA 25 Standards.
  • Underground Tie-ins of Fire Protection Systems.
  • Fire Hydrant Installation, Repair and Flow Testing.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service.